מאלף עד תיו חלק א – כריכה קשה

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מאלף עד תיו חלק א – כריכה קשה

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Product Informationמאלף עד תיו חלק א – כריכה קשהMeAlef ad Tav Vol. 1 – HardcoverHardcover | 8.5″ x 11″ | 136 PagesAbout this BookThis is no an ordinary Alef Bet book. Each letter is printed in thick high-gloss relief, enticing little fingers to trace its form over and over again. On the facing page, a review of all previously learned letters appears. Letters that are easily confused, such as vet and chaf, are given color-coded review pages of their own. The entire Alef Bet is divided into five levels to encourage children to strive from strength to strength. MeAlef ad Tav is built to withstand years of schoolroom use with thick glossy pages, a sewn binding (not glued or stapled) and a solid textbook cover. A perfect baby and upsherin gift.

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מאלף עד תיו חלק א - כריכה קשה

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