HIFIMAN RE400 with Upgraded Cable

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HIFIMAN RE400 with Upgraded Cable


Raising the bar for others to follow, the HiFiMAN RE-400 Waterline is a superior quality, high-performance In-Ear Monitor (IEM) earphone. Featuring improved ergonomics for a comfortable and excellent fit, these earphones deliver clear sounds for your listening pleasure for hours without causing tiredness.

Manufactured from premium materials such as Titanium Diaphragm, Neodymium magnet, and 50-inch-long OFC Copper cabling, your music is conveyed in its natural state without any alteration. The long wires can either drop down or coil back over your ears.

The HiFiMAN RE-400 with its custom 8.5MM drivers delivers the absolute best-in-class audio performance, and the earphones are stylish with black body and silver accents. The lightweight and portable design makes this IEM highly convenient.

The HiFiMAN RE400 comes in two distinctive alternatives, the HiFiMAN RE400A are earphones with a microphone for Android devices delivering the best quality music while the RE400I has been manufactured to be used especially for iPhone / iPad / iPod or other Apple devices with volume control.

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HIFIMAN RE400 with Upgraded Cable

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