I Can Make A Kiddush Hashem

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I Can Make A Kiddush Hashem


Product InformationI Can Make A Kiddush HashemI Can Make A קדוש השםA Middos Train BookHardcover | 8.5″ x 11″ | 24 PagesWritten by: Sara BlauIllustrated by: Malka WolfPublished by: Judaica PressAbout this BookDo you know what happens when you set a good example?

You may not realize it, but people look at you as one of Hashem’s children. When they see you behaving well, they say, “Wow, so THAT’S how a Torah Jew behaves.” You know what that’s called? That’s right — it’s a Kiddush Hashem! Look inside and discover some of the many ways that YOU can make a Kiddush Hashem!I Can Make a Kiddush Hashem is the fourth book in the Middos Train Series — the perfect way for kids to learn the Torah’s approach to good behavior. Climb aboard!

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I Can Make A Kiddush Hashem

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