Inside Their Homes

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Inside Their Homes


A young man’s warm and personal encounters with the world of Torah greatness


6″ x 9″

334 Pages

Written by: Nachman Seltzer

Published by: Artscroll

Welcome to the lives, and the homes, of our greatest Torah leaders.Welcome to Reb Binyomin’s world.

  • Rav Gifter’s tears taught Reb Binyomin a mussar lesson he would never forget.
  • Rav Chaim Kanievsky told a joke – and it took Reb Binyomin days (and a lot of Torah research!) to figure out the punchline.
  • Rav Rafael Levin made a “goral ha’Gra” – and Reb Binyomin was there to help turn the pages.

Our gedolim. We are in awe of their learning, amazed by their hasmadah, enchanted by their chesed. We turn to them for advice, for berachos, and just to bask in the glow of their holiness.

But how many of us really know them, their personalities, their inner lives?

Reb Binyomin has spent decades building close relationships with Torah greats, both in America and Eretz Yisrael, many renowned by all of world Jewry and some hardly known outside their own circles.

Rabbi Nachman Seltzer, bestselling author and a close friend of Reb Binyomin, has written Reb Binyomin’s story. Inside their Homes takes us, indeed, inside the homes of great men such as Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita, Rav Gifter zt’l, Rav Asher Arieli shlita, and Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel zt’l. We meet, also, men of immense stature whose Torah greatness is known only in their own sheltered enclaves, men like Rav Yitzchok Nosson Kupershtok zt’l and Rav Zundel Kroiser zt’l. We meet them, and we get to know them, “up close and personal.”

Nobody tells a story quite like Rabbi Nachman Seltzer — and very few have as many incredible stories to tell as his friend, Reb Binyomin. With hundreds of fascinating stories and vignettes and dozens of pictures never before published, this is an unusual and unforgettable book that paints a warm and personal picture of our Torah leaders.

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Inside Their Homes

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