Knowledge Zenith ED9

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Knowledge Zenith ED9


KZ earphones have combined two acoustic patented technologies—”Variable tuning devices” and “Built-in T-cell”—to produce high-end sound quality. With true processes and technologies developed in the quest for every sound detail that appeared authentic to audiophiles, KZ ED9 has an amazing acoustic structural design.

With its sensitive and quick response force, the ED9 vibrating membrane diaphragm can cover the entire range in the micro area, allowing for a purer interpretation of the IF while also bursting out with a very dynamic sense of bass texture from high to low frequency. If so, other headphones and the performance of the coherence smoothness cannot equal that of the two-units, three-units, or other headphones.

The ED9 headphone is not just hype, it is one of the top earphones in india, the bass (gold) and balanced (brass/bronze) nozzles allow users to tune its audio settings by changing different nozzles. A more bass-enhanced experience and Balance for full-spectrum smoothness.

With the importance of a multi-angular surface pattern, carved from pure copper. The complete headset looks stunning thanks to the new chamber’s use of a very high chromium plating procedure and the separation of the sound chamber utilising a unique gold plating process.

The 56-core customer-grade HIFI wire used in KZ ED9’s cable is a fairly uncommon commodity at this level. The 56 shares of LC-OFC oxygen-free copper composition that make up the ED9 cable core have a 99.99% conducting rate. The KZ ED9 employs a directional microphone with noise-cancelling technology that works with the majority of cell phones, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The same button on the KZ ED9 may pause music and be used for hands-free calls.

With a Groundbreaking T-shaped pole piece driver unit, The new driver unit successfully reduces the negative pressure in the driver, providing a pure, clear smooth feel of sound and better extension of vocals.

Featuring a New energetic PEK diaphragm, this KZ ED9 headphone from Knowledge Zenith has clearer vocals and vibrant textured bass.  The copper housing improves the tone effect; the quality is clearer and brighter.

Overall the KZ ED9 earphones wired produces a vibrant sound with the body, in which all frequencies are balanced. Also, the KZ ED9 Knowledge Zenith is comfortable to wear. Its most awesome feature is the two nozzles provided for balanced and bass-enhanced sound signatures!

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Knowledge Zenith ED9

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